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Blog About An Deadbeat Artist

Hello and welcome to the Deadbeat Craig's artist portfolio & blog site.

My name is Craig Bunclark, I'm an aspiring artist from South Yorkshire trying to level up his art game, with an interest in creative mixed media, lowbrow art and pop culture.

There are two goals I have in mind to achieve with this site

1) Its a way of sharing my thoughts in a blog about my artwork, projects and other things that is of interest to me such as designer toys and artist books that show their style thinking.

2) A chance to show my artist journey, from a simple hobby beginner to an actual fully fledged artist.

And so a little info about my about myself and my style of art.

I went to college to learn art & design then somehow wondered onto a photography course where I learned the joy of black and white photography, since then I've been making art and taking photos just as an side hobby for me but now I want finally showcase what I can do with Ive learned over the years of my life.

I like to make both traditonal and digital art but with both, my style tends to sway in the grainy linework with stippling and crosshatching for shading. I'm inspired by Lowbrow Art and the Rubber Hose style of characters, other art styles I'm interested in are the japanese artist of Japan whom make manga such Eiichiro Oda of One Piece but when it comes to the dark grainy linework I'm inspired by Junji Ito's Uzumaki and another manga artist called Q Hayashida who made Dorohedoro.

You get the general idea about me but as I'm typing all this, makes me realise that all I want to do is have fun with being artsy, creative and expressing myself.

This is Deadbeat Craig and welcome to an deadbeat artist's journey.

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